GML: Helping Back Home


Was all prepared to go in about how boring the Oscars were because I already had it in mind to talk about the awards no matter what went down. Then I woke up Friday and saw a tragic story on Facebook. Usually you log on at any time of the day and just mindlessly scroll. For most it’s just a habit to continue down the page, liking here and there, paying very little attention to what you give that thumbs up to. However, that morning the post up top just floored me, as I’m sure it did the countless people who’d commented. A girl I’d grown up with had lost her fiance in an accident after he tried to lend a helping hand. Usually I’d be bummed about it for a second, but the whole series of events and the fact that he left her behind with their three kids – it really stuck with me. Almost a week later and I know my thoughts haven’t left them, and I want to use this space to share their GoFundMe page that one of his relatives set up for the loved ones he left behind. If you can give, please do and if you can’t – please pass the message along. It makes you think how quickly your life can just be rocked and I can’t even pretend to know what that girl and her loved ones are going through, but my heart continues to go out to them. You can leave your hometown, never want to go back – but the people there, it’s hard to forget them when something like this happens to one of them.

I’ll keep it short and sweet. No videos or tour news this week, we’ll get back to that in seven days time. For now I do want to say that I am looking for ladies who happen to work in record stores for April’s “Women in Music” feature – so if you are one, or you know one – hit me up. It’s interesting, I’m doing this to showcase that women are a strong presence in the music realm and I’ve come across two stores already that are owned by men who have one employee…another dude…


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