#FBF: Rob Thomas

Photo Credit: musicisthebestthinginmylife.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: musicisthebestthinginmylife.tumblr.com

While I’d be like 35 if this was true, I wish I could’ve been older in the 90’s so that I could’ve followed a Matchbox Twenty tour at least once. Wait, what? Actually, I have no shame admitting that Rob Thomas and Co. have created some of my favorite albums and if I could marry a voice, that man’s vocals would be my beau. It’s an attraction solely based on how he sounds though, physically I’m like…uh, he okay but no thanks, not for me.

Like many who came to know Rob’s voice, it was the 90’s. For me though, I was in elementary school and could not get enough of “Push.” It’s hard to describe why that song resonated with a 9-year-old me, but it did and soon enough I was buying other albums as they came out and once I hit college, I was like – give me more of this band! Unfortunately the only tour I can remember them doing is one I still regret not going to today. They played Staples Center with…Alanis Morrisette and UGH! I literally will forever hate myself for not being able to afford it so that’s when I decided I had to see them the next time they came to LA. Finally they decided to tour with Goo Goo Dolls and I managed to get the best ticket I could afford.

Finally, I was going to hear Rob Thomas in person. I was going to be in the same room. Excited doesn’t even describe how I felt that night. After dinner with Goo Goo Doll friends heading there that night, I found my solo seat and then saw a woman I’d met at American Horror Story’s PaleyFest a few months prior. She told me the guards weren’t checking and to just come sit with her closer. I had my reservations since I’d pledged to stop scheming a couple of weeks earlier after getting caught sneaking into Warped Tour. In reality these reservations lasted 1.2 seconds and I was in. Only the people next to her showed up, but thankfully her friend was on the other side of this closer section and I just sat next to her the rest of the night with no interruptions and it was one of the best nights of my life. The only downside was them failing to put my favorite song on that setlist.

“Hand Me Down” is one of those songs that when heard at the perfect time, can make me start crying. It’s a mixture of loving the lyrics and connecting to them, as well as the way Thomas’ vocals wrap around every note. It’s a top 10 and will forever be…I will be seeing them again, I hope, and I promise will be all teary eyed if Kyle and the guys start in on this one. He may not be my ideal man physically, but audibly he’s all I could ever ask for. Well, him and Backstreet Boys’ AJ, mmm, mmm, mmm!


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