GML: #FreeKesha


No one should be forced to be somewhere they don’t want to be, or work with someone who makes them feel uncomfortable. Allegations aside, whether or not Dr. Luke is a rapist or not, despite what my girl Wendy Williams has said – the fact is that Sony is forcing a woman to stay somewhere that makes her feel unsafe. Looking at it from a business standpoint too – why keep her around? It seems like they’re going to waste resources on her. She even said they wouldn’t promote her music as well as others. So why even force her to make music that you’re not going to make anything off of? Just let her go, be done with one another and let her record elsewhere. If I was her and I couldn’t get out of it, I’d just record however many shitty records they expected and walk away with my middle finger in the air. Let’s hope she doesn’t have to do that and the label just lets her go free.

On a lighter note, Hidden Hospitals are touring through March, while Frankie Cosmos will be touring all through April. Make sure to check out her video below, and also note that SoCal’s own Hit Bargain are doing a west coast run next month in support of their self-titled EP that drops March 25.


Again, Frankie Cosmos is a must-listen, Hill’s voice is a gem and the rest of these videos are top notch, so check them all out and discover something new.

CHVRCHES “Clearest Blue”

Palisades “Fall”

Frankie Cosmos “Is It Possible/Sleep Song”

Hill “Beckon (Run)”

Mantocliff “These Words”


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