Lucky Jukebox Brigade: Savage Fantastic

Almost near the end of February and there has yet to be noteworthy album to remember come December when a “best of” album is constructed. That is until now. Lucky Jukebox Brigade is a band I’d never heard of before a couple of weeks ago when their latest release landed in my lap. Savage Fantastic is a unique listening experience that doesn’t fall into any box, but rather stands on top of all of them dancing to its own beat.

Catchy in a mature pop way, “Little Fangs” is far from bubblegum and does has an air surrounding it that makes you take a deep breath and let out a sound of relief. It’s a great track to start an album with and pairs nicely with the Disneyland parade ways of “Blue.” Then the mood changes as things slow down in “Never Never” and while a good song, I’m distracted each and every time by the line “up against the wall.” As it just makes me want to listen to Underoath. From mature pop to a funk in “Chasers,” Lucky Jukebox Brigade know how to weave in and out of genres as seamlessly as the best sewing needle. While those were all fine and well, I really believe “Bertyl” caps the album off with a bang, serving as what I believe is the not-to-be-missed jam when they hit the stage.

Standing out in today’s world is hard. It seems like every time you’ve heard something new, you haven’t. For me this record is something as new as you can get and because of that it’s a win from start to finish. So if you like your indie with some funky pop, check out Lucky Jukebox Brigade’s Savage Fantastic, out February 26.

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