#FBF: Colbie Caillat

Photo Credit: thehawkwardrph.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: thehawkwardrph.tumblr.com

There was no rhyme or reason I decided to download Colbie Caillat’s Coco some years back other than I could not get that “Bubbly” song out of my head and I’d just been introduced to the world of downloading and was amazed. Yes, I was a late bloomer to this “new found” technology and went a bit overboard with my choices. Looking back, did I need EVERY song by 99% of the American Idol contestants during 2008? Maybe not, but Coco, yes – that still is one of my absolute favorites to put on and if that’s all Colbie ever did, I wouldn’t blame her.

She didn’t stop there though but I never cared to be a super fan who had to have everything that followed. Her voice was perfection on the debut and that’s where I remained with my love for her vocals. A sound that embodies a day at the beach, romance and a smile all in one. That’s what comes to mind each and every time I’m like, hmm…what should I put on to drown out the sounds of the 405 traffic and reality as we know it. Oh yes, a little Coco.

The only time I’ve gotten to see her perform is when The Grove had their Christmas tree lighting and she came in with a holiday song. Hearing her live was great, but uhh…she wasn’t doing “The Little Things,” “Midnight Bottle” or my personal favorite that if I could sing – I’d definitely do my rendition on The Voice, “Realize.” I could probably carry a baby elephant further than I could a tune, so my time on Team Blake would never happen. Blake himself isn’t a catch, but if he picks you and you put a twang in your performance than you too can headline a buffet one day like Cassadee Pope. Seen it on her reality show, it happened. Let’s not pretend it didn’t.

A lot of bands head out on tour and play albums in their entirety when they reach 10-years-old. I am hoping Colbie takes note and in 2017 Coco scores some dates and they’re here in Southern California for a reasonable price. If she happens to stumble upon this, I am using it as a personal note to say – hey girl, it doesn’t have to be a huge tour – maybe just a couple of local gigs. Hotel Cafe? Cool, I’ll be there.


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