GML: Kanye Vs. Taylor Part 2

The Grammys were this week and talk about a boring affair. Every other performance could’ve caused you to slip into a coma. Really though, James Bay was whispering and at this point I can’t even tell you who else took the stage. It wasn’t even that I was impressed with Kendrick Lamar, it was that he was literally the only person who came out and did something worth perking your head up for. Even Gaga wasn’t that impressive and she seemed to be doing an SNL skit based on Bowie instead of paying homage. In the end though Taylor Swift won album of the year, and she took it as a chance to mention Kanye West in a won’t-say-his-name-but-he-knows sort of way.

I’m all for girl power and I don’t think Taylor Swift is lacks in talent and I respect how sweet she is to her fans, but there is something unsettling about her presence. Like one false move on her behalf, like taking the seat she wanted when you two went to the movies, that would cause you to be exiled from the squad. She may be 23 or whatever the hell her song is, but she serves up some high school like drama that is questionable. Plus, I didn’t like that she went up there with some facts like, oh I’m the only woman to ever win two. Like she had that a little too prepared. I like speeches like Meghan Trainor’s. Where you know they did not expect to be up there and are like, shit – wtf do I say now?

Kanye West isn’t the greatest person in the world but at least he doesn’t try and front. Taylor, I’ve heard rumors she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that’s just some food for thought…

Moving on, Joey Muha has been making people flip over his drum skills online for some time and now his fans are going to get to see him outside of a screen as he’s heading out on tour. Refused also announced they’d be kicking off a new tour at the end of May in San Francisco, and fans of Atreyu can check them out when they hit the road in March. You can see those dates below.

Now as always, here are a handful of videos that made the most noise throughout the past week!

Huntly “Sunday Sheets”

The Manor “Don’t Like Going Places”

Mossy “Electric Chair”

Gemini “Time to Share”

Fresh Snow “King Twink Rides Again”


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