Mel Monaco’s Ambitious Year

Mel Monaco press 2

When I was younger I was obsessed with wearing a poodle skirt. Being a fat kid though, the costumes in the kid’s aisle were not going to work and we didn’t have enough to buy an adult size. So my dream of looking 50’s cool was out the window. While it’s a dream I no longer have, the looks spawned from that decade have never gone out of style. That’s likely thanks to artists like Mel Monaco keeping it well and alive. When she’s not looking great, she’s sounding even better with her blues take on pop. Now let’s get to learn more about this Canadian songstress.

Kendra: Right away your look captures attentions. Have you always had a love for the ’50s and their pinup style?

Mel Monaco: Yes! I absolutely adore everything about the 50’s, from the fashion and music to the glamorous lifestyle! However, it wasn’t until I did a photoshoot for “Cupid” with Lady Luck Pin Ups, that my love for wearing the clothing came about!

Kendra: Speaking of, you actually did a pinup calendar late last year and used the sales to fund your latest video. How was that experience, modelling and whatnot?

Mel Monaco: The experience was amazing. Fantastic to have the support of my community behind the project! It was a grand 14-hour day. PLUS shooting the music video was equally incredible to follow it up. I cannot wait for the next!

Kendra: The video was for “Single Again.” It’s a break-up track but it packs a good punch. It’s not like some where the girl is left crying on the couch with ice-cream. Where does your feisty spirit come from?

Mel Monaco: Family is my number one! I would have to say my feisty nature definitely derives form being the youngest sister of three in my Italian-Ukrainian home! If you didn’t speak up and speak your mind, you weren’t heard. Thanks Mom and Dad for always encouraging me!

Kendra: What’s your best advice for those who find themselves single this Valentine’s Day?

Mel Monaco: Have a GREAT time! Single or not, fall in love with yourself, or continue to fall in love with your sweetheart! Either way, eat some chocolate! Always does the trick, in a relationship or not!

Kendra: Another song of yours off your 2015 release, These Are Just Suggestions, that caught my ear was “From The Mistakes.” With that, what’s one thing you’ve done wrong that made you learn from your own mistake?

Mel Monaco: Too many to mention! Generally my mistakes revolve around knowing when to say it all…I usually say it all!

Kendra: Going back in time, you came from musical roots. Do you think you’ll push your kids towards music in the future?

Mel Monaco: ABSOLUTELY! I was put in front of a piano, drum kit, held a violin, flute, guitar, took advantage of every musical club, lesson and opportunity growing up. From a musical family there is no wonder that I eventually found my true passion…and even had I not chosen to take my music to the next level, I am so happy to have had that outlet growing up! It allowed my creativity to flow and become apart of who I am today!

Kendra: Now that’s a far away thought, so back to the present. What do you have planned for 2016, new music perhaps?

Mel Monaco: WRITING, WRITING, WRITING….New album! Two new videos! New 2017 Pin Up Calendar! I am planning an ambitious year!

Kendra: What about shows, playing anywhere in the coming months?

Mel Monaco: I have a bunch of shows coming up in the next few months, St. Catharines, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Muskoka…check out all the listings here!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape packed full of women with powerhouse pipes, what five songs would have to be on it?

Mel Monaco:
Stronger Than Me” – Amy Winehouse
Dunes” – Alabama Shakes
If It Makes You Happy” – Sheryl Crow
Head Over Feet” – Alanis Morissette
Love Me Or Leave Me” – Nina Simone


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