Rosedale: Rosedale

A Rosedale cover art
With football season being over, I have nothing to drown out now as I listen to music to review on Sundays. Thankfully some movie I could care less about it on and Rosedale is in my ears. A reminder of what you loved about pop rock in the early 2000’s and today, this self-titled record sounds like a summer romance at a summer camp in that it’s full of youthful spirit and stories that capture memories in a bottle from the solo project of Mike Liorti.

“Sustain” opens the record like something from American Hi-Fi, but they quickly showcase a similarity to the likes of The Starting Line the whole way through with “Quicksand” and “What Means More.” Another band he doesn’t necessarily sound like but could be compared to, and one he’d fare well with out on the road is All Time Low. While his songs aren’t as chart ready like the Baltimore boys, their own “Test Rats” and “Thin Ice” would make an impression on the ATL fan base. Standing on his own though, the best came when he didn’t compare to anyone but rather was an individual with the ivory driven “Written by the Artist” and “To My Father.”

As this movie continues to play, I dread hearing it and may just keep the last track, “A Kid Again,” spinning. While I do that, make sure to check out Rosedale if you’re a fan of rock that pops in all the right places or are a fan of bands like The Maine. If that’s you, make sure to give Rosedale a listen when it drops February 23.


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