#FBF: Garth Brooks

Photo Credit: wifflegif.com
Photo Credit: wifflegif.com

This month couldn’t have continued if I didn’t speak about my love of Garth Brooks voice. While he isn’t on the level of John Krasinski when it comes to being easy on the eyes – I’d rather listen to him serenade me than have Jim Halpert anyday.

Growing up my mom was into country and today she still dabbles in it. Give her a good American Idol or Voice contestant who sings with a twang and she’ll tell you that’s her pick. Anyways, with her into Brooks & Dunn and Brooks, I grew up with an appreciation for the genre. In reality – all music is basically the same shit set to a different beat. It’s just we all have our own personal preference is all. Back to Brooks had me at an early age and it was all because of his voice. Listen to that man and tell me he isn’t one of the greatest to ever live? Plus, he’s like 80 now and still sounds like perfection. Is he a little rabid at times on stage? Yeah, I’m sure he’s a little insane but vocally, he’s still top notch.

When it comes to the songs of his that I could never tire of…I’ve always loved “Friends in Low Places” but that was based more on the lyrics. It’s one of the most punk rock songs. Trust, it’s harder than anything Man Overboard spits out. They’re trying to save pop punk with stuffed animals while Garth is over here slaying. The same can be said of “Standing Outside the Fire.” Voice wise though, you could put on “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and “The Beaches of Cheyenne” and I’d melt right where I stood.

Unlike with Mariah Carey though, I’ve never had the chance to see him live. Thanks Kimmel for not getting this guy. How rude of you to not book only things I’m too cheap/broke to afford. I remember when he played a TV special and there were free tickets. Had that been in LA…I would’ve been right there, but being in Vegas and being void of driving skills – I was out of that. I can only hope he decides to promote anything here in LA and that 1iota is like, hey guys…we have tickets, come and get’em! My luck though he’ll come back only to be Chris Gaines again and I’ll just sit and stare because really, why was that ever a thing? Was that like when Mariah had her breakdown…was he just not okay in the head? I’m glad he got over that chapter in his life.

Next week, a look back at a bubbly girl who put out one album that was more than enough to make me fall in love.

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