GML: Mini Week

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Computer problems when you’re a freelance writer in 2016 can be compared to being hit by a truck over and over again while watching Coldplay on a loop during the Halftime Show. Really though, did I not say they were going to be a bore? There wasn’t enough rainbows in the world to make that magical. Thankfully Beyonce came in like a wild storm but in all honesty…I don’t get her music. Her dancers’ outfits though…I want to meet someone with Sabrina the Teenage Witch powers who can transform my body into one that’d slay in one of those. Could I work out hard and obtain it myself, yeah but why do that when someone can just point and make it happen. Plus, like Oprah…I LOVE BREAD. That’s really all I can and will say this week as time is not my friend and I got to be heading out to job number six to grade and file for a few hours…

In tour news, I got a couple. The Black Dahlia Murder announced they’ll be heading out (on my brother’s birthday) on April 8. They’ll be kicking off their tour in Ohio and will be out until May 28. Pins  also just hit the road. You can check out their dates below.

Now onto the handful of videos to make it through to me this week…

Century Thief “Pillar”

Icky Blossoms “Living In Fiction”

Let’s Eat Grandma “Deep Six Textbook”

Public Access TV “On Location”


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