Meet Me In Montauk: Dork Soul

meet-me-in-montauk-dork-soul-reviewIs it just me or did the Super Bowl have way more commercials than actual football? I’d planned on writing and reviewing through the game and then watching the ads. Judging by the amount I got done – there were 2,434,343 commercials this year. Anyways, after my mini nap during Coldplay, I awoke – ate some more and then sat down with Meet Me In Montauk’s upcoming release, Dork Soul. It’s got all the elements of an emo record with some elements of today and yesterday thrown in.

If someone were to do a deep study on when emo was born, some may argue The Cure had something to do with it back in the ‘80s with their melancholy yet upbeat feel. That’s exactly how “Fuck You Song” felt each and every time it played. It was a very different from the punk rock found in “Finished Something For Once” and the swing sounds in the intro of “Party Pressure.” For a second I thought, is this that Cherry Poppin’ Daddies band from when I was in middle school? Luckily it wasn’t and that swing softened up quickly and went into a more emo meets indie mood. All in all though, it was “Tough Girl” that made me smile the widest. It had this lively sense to it that I felt wasn’t quite there with the rest.

The game has long been over with and my pick came out the champs, and my time with Meet Me In Montauk has now come to an end. There are definitely hints of pop punk sewn in the fabric of this album, but I think the material holding everything together comes from an emo blend with some indie appliques here and there. If you like artists Soft Fangs and Secret Stuff, check out Dork Soul, out February 15.


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