GML: Let’s Get Ready to…Sleep

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Any age with a “0” at the end is celebrated a little more than the others. Who cares about 28 when you’re going to hit 30 in two years, right? Well, that’s why I really think the folks who put together the Super Bowl Halftime Show really dropped the ball. Coldplay, really? Their current “hits,” I’m not even sure what those are but thinking back – all those earlier songs sounded like the soundtrack to a chic funeral. They really should’ve gone with Taylor Swift because I’m pretty sure that woman could get ANYONE to come out. Seriously, you want Michael and Whitney, Swift could likely make that happen. Instead they have the somber “…look at the stars…look how they shine…something, something…” guys. They’ll likely have Beyonce, but if I’m being honest, I wasn’t impressed when she was the star a few years ago with that five second “reunion” of hers. They’re really letting people down for the big 5-0. At least they have Lady Gaga to kick it off. Since she’s mellowed out in recent years and not been so avant garde, she’s been 100% better in life.

Not as great though as the tours that were announced this week though, okay maybe as good because Countess on American Horror Story: Hotel was the saving grace of that series. Anyways, Buraka Som Sistema will be in LA at The Roxy on April 7 as part of their west coast run, Yuck will be kicking off their tour at the end of the month and will be out until the end of May, Jennifer O’Connor will be touring with Neko Case February 26 through the start of March, and you can see Teen Death’s dates below.


The Starting Line out out a new video and did an interview over at Fuse. It’s crazy that Kenny finally sounds like he went through puberty – all these years later. Now let’s get to some more videos to wrap this week up, but do some back tomorrow for a blast from the past in the #FBF series.

Terribly Yours “No Genius”

The Commuters “You’ll Stay Right Here”

Reed Turner “I Got Love”

Jonny Avery “Captains of Industry”

Robbie Cavanagh “Which Way To New York”

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