Wall of Trophies: Heliograph

wall-of-trophies-heliograph-reviewAccolades are something we innately want as humans. Whether it’s a loving look from an approving loved one, a retweet from our favorite celebrity or an old school trophy that signifies we’re better than the rest. I’m not sure which Wall of Trophies will get with their debut, Heliograph, but I am certain it’ll get a thumbs up from me.

Crisp vocals greet us at the door with “Everything.” As it played, the positive lyrics matched with the somber way of the music made me think of that moment in just about every romantic comedy when the main characters are apart, they realize they want one another and of course – it’s pouring. The movie could be set in July, and it’d be the one day there was a storm. While the title track did very little for me, I loved the balance found in the pop meets soul hit, “Bad Dream.” The record wraps up with the sultry sounds of “Crown,” but not before sending some spooky vibes with the haunting, yet simply titled “Trees.” Dear Julie Plec, this would be great in an episode of The Originals.

Not every song was one I’d put on repeat, but all in all the vibrant arrangements and the enchanting music made for a great ride with Wall of Trophies. Their loved ones will give them an approving look, they may get a healthy dose of retweets and who knows, a physical trophy may be heading their way. Now, will let you know that Heliograph is out now, so check it and make sure to give “Trees” a spin for me.

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