#FBF: The Used

Photo Credit: n-sky-walker.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: n-sky-walker.tumblr.com

Someone call my 16-year-old self and tell her she was really over dramatic about too many things. Imagine if you could talk to your high school self. I may have tried harder to think about my future, and not have gotten so sad over family mistakes – but would I have fallen for The Used had I been a happy go-lucky-teen? Not to say kids with smiles pasted on their faces didn’t love this band but that first album of theirs? Man oh man was that teen angst wrapped in screamo – which was totally new to me and I’m sure a ton of others during that time.

Pretty sure I first seen the video for “A Box Full of Sharp Objects” while at my best friend’s house because she had way more channels than me and I’m not sure if MTV was playing it before Fuse, not I’m 100% they weren’t. Anyways, I was hooked from that point on and after getting the record, it just got worse. Quinn Allman quickly replaced Joel Madden as my number one. When I think back to how much I loved this band, I fondly remember listening to their self-titled on repeat, adopting lines from “The Taste of Ink” as my personal anthem while I dreamed of escaping that small town life one day, and of course wishing I could see them.

The only shows I’d been to up until seeing The Used at Soma were the kind where you could show up whenever you wanted because you had an assigned seat. I knew nothing about standing in a crowd but thankfully The Used had a fan club at the time and me and my bestie were a part of it, so we got to go in early. Thinking back, I most definitely would’ve died had I’d been anywhere but the front. This is especially true since a ginormous girl pushed me from my spot on the barricade that night and I went flying. I think Fuse was actually there filming that night, so maybe you can see the moment my life flashed before my eyes when that happened.

Many shows later and a tattoo with said bestie (she has “blue” and I have “yellow”), it was a sad day when I started to not care as much about them. They just weren’t the same anymore and live? They really weren’t. Only in recent years have they gotten better on stage, but their music? Not so much. That’s why I’m not even that bummed that I can’t see their album shows coming up. This is partially due to not being able to afford it, but also due to the fact that it’s not going to be the band I once loved with all my teenage heart.

Backstreet Boys was the first group to make me freak out, Good Charlotte welcomed me into a new type of music and put some daddy issues to song, New Found Glory created a lasting impression and The Used, well they aided me during a time when I think we’re all a little too into the drama department.

So that’s it, that wraps up the first month of this #FBF series. Yes, this will be going on all year. These are the groups I hold closest to my heart, and next month we’ll talk about the singers I just can’t get enough of from a diva to a country icon.


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