GML: Material Wait

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Madonna was on my mind once again because she’s been showing up extremely late to her shows. We know you’re the Queen of Pop, but really? It’s not the 80’s anymore and you haven’t been on top in awhile. At one show, public transit in that city stopped at 1am. Since she came on late, a lot of fans had to duck out early to ensure they’d be able to get home. As someone who takes the bus, I would’ve been livid. I’ve had those nights where I had to rush the hell out of the venue but thankfully it wasn’t because the band came on late and was rude, but because LA Metro is horrendous and getting from anywhere in LA back to the valley can take nearly two hours on a bad night.

I’m not sure who Madonna thinks she is or what year she believes it to be, but her team needs to make her realize that the world does not stop for her. Her death will not make the world come to a halt like Michael Jackson’s once did. She needs to get her butt on that stage and perform in a timely manner because the only reason she’s still around is because of those people buying tickets. Which, they aren’t doing as much. Perez Hilton said on Wendy Williams that there have been empty seats, and that’s even before people end up leaving due to long waits. Artists, you don’t have to bend over backwards for your fans but you do have to show them respect.

In terms of tour news. Let’s not forget that those in LA can spend Valentine’s Day with Hawthorne Heights, Mest and The Ataris at The Roxy. Check out any of their sites for dates. That tour’s been announced for awhile now, but A Will Away just announced they’re hitting the road with Have Mercy soon, and Colours also dropped some dates which will coincide nicely with their new album that’s out February 26.

Lastly, some videos that stood out and yes, Ray J was one of them. Let us never forget For the Love of Ray J and the greatness that is “Sexy Can I.” Okay, I’m done now.

Convictions “The Dahlia Disease”

The Chemical Brothers feat. Beck “Wide Open”


Coeur de pirate feat. Allan Kingdom “I Don’t Want to Break Your Heart

Ray J “Curtains Closed”

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