Brooke Segarra: Cyber Girl in a PR World

Spending her younger daydreaming about being in a band, Brooke Segarra couldn’t have guessed that she’d land where she did. Especially since college wasn’t spent crafting her for a future in PR. Alas she landed an internship at Cyber PR a few years ago and from there grew along with the company and today is a campaign director.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, Brooke is one of my favorite publicists to work with because she’s always on point with her clients and even willing to offer up her own time to help out a gal out in California she’s never met, but is a sweetheart to. Now let’s get to know more about this PR wonder!

Kendra: A lot of people who wind up working in music have a musical past – were you ever in a band, or do you have any marching band photos from high school floating around?

Brooke: Yea, I wasn’t in “the band” or in a garage band in high school, and the only instrument I ever picked up was the recorder like every other 3rd grader. But music has always been both safe haven and mentor to me from my early 90’s boombox days to my iPod days. I’ve always been extremely interested in the human condition and personal expression. I love gaining a better understanding of my own experiences as well as having my eyes opened to the experiences of other people. Music affects society and society affects music, and this relationship between the two is very alluring to me.

Kendra: Is this what you went to school for? Only asking because I know people from across the board who landed in music.

Brooke: Nope. I studied English in college and, gosh, was it great. Being exposed to so many different people’s experiences, schools of thought, and literary movements- it was the best. Can’t say I didn’t hang out with a lot of music industry majors though!

Kendra: When you go home at night after a long day of work, on a day when maybe it wasn’t the best – what makes you recollect your thoughts and love your job all over again?

Brooke: I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment where I’ve had to rekindle my love for what I do. The day might be coming though! I think on the bad days, it’s important to remind yourself that there are other things outside of your career. It’s healthy sometimes to take a step back and think of yourself holistically, especially if you’re one of those very very very driven people.

Kendra: You’re still fairly young and doing it up with the position you have. Have you ever felt someone sort of toss shade your way and underestimate you because of your age and/or because you’re a woman in music?

Brooke: Yes and yes. And it’s so crucial to recognize those moments for what they are; examples of someone else’s sexism and ageism. Do not internalize it.

Kendra: Do you have any advice for women thinking about a future in music that you wish you would’ve gotten?

Brooke: You will experience sexism in the professional setting, and being prepared for it can be your best offense(/defense). Know yourself, know what makes you uncomfortable, and do not tolerate it. You never have to tolerate it. There’s never a moment when your self-respect isn’t worth it.

Kendra: If there was one song that could summarize your career in music thus far, what would it be and why?

Brooke: This is such a good question.

[Scrolling through my Spotify]

[Still scrolling]

Can I get back to you on this one? I’m probably taking this too seriously, but I’d want to pick the perfect song.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for New York, what five songs by female artists or bands with females in them on the Cyber PR roster would represent the Big Apple best?

Brooke: This might be a very cryptic playlist, but here we go!:
Lost And Profound “Goodbye Mine
Bullyheart “No Pleasing You
Zoya “What’s Done Is Done
Mary Jennings “Metamorphosis
And definitely something by Maya Azucena (keep your eyes on her!)

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