Dizzy Bats: Until We Die

This whole month I’ve been reliving the words I’d written on the idea of home on my other, new site. It’s made me wonder about my current state, literally. California is all I’ve ever known but is it the one place I truly belong? Seeing a ton of writing jobs that actually pay where Dizzy Bats call home in New York makes that tempting, but living in a shoebox does not. Sorry Big Apple, bed bugs are not worth your prices. Other states aside, we’ll talk more about Dizzy Bats. They call themselves pop punk, but what I hear is more of what I call “dork rock” mixed with some indie tunes on their upcoming release, Until We Die.

That was of course before I went back further than my personal pop punk history and listened heavily to some Descendents. That’s the pop punk Dizzy Bats is working with. Not the nasal ridden kind of the early ‘00s or the well, whatever it’s grown into today thanks to bands like Real Friends and The Wonder Years. No, songs like “With You I’m Dead” and the title track take you back to when Milo was going off to the higher education. Both have a hyperactive base and in the end “Count My Sheep” brings it all together with a sense of fun.

With my mind set in its ways for now about location and sound, this throwback to the foundations of pop punk was new to me. What I loved though it the energy that surrounded the music and how that never really died down. There were no breaks, no sad tones – just moving forward with the action of the record. If you’re a fan of the earlier days of pop punk, check out Dizzy BatsUntil We Die, out February 2.


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