#FBF: Backstreet Boys

Photo Credit: crushabledotcom.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: crushabledotcom.tumblr.com

It’s late in the day, I have an editor riding my ass for articles because she can’t seem to get her own shit organized, and I’m sitting here taking a break from writing to well…write about something I care about. One of my favorite sayings that I clearly stole from one of my favorite movies is, “Teeny boppers never say die.” That’s because when it comes to Backstreet Boys – my heart will always have a place for them. Even though I don’t want to marry Nick Carter and don’t threaten my mom to have their new album waiting for me when I get home from school anymore – they’re still one of the few bands that makes me completely happy when I see them. I think I mentioned the a couple weeks ago when talking about Good Charlotte, but I’m not one to remember a song. One time at a waterpark I lost a good amount of CDs and Black & Blue was one of them. Horrible because I was out of music, but kind of okay because I was heading more towards New Found Glory and GC at the time. Was it a sign to move on a bit, or just a mistake made in a hurry? We may never know. What I do know is that years later I reconnected with that album and low and behold – every lyric rushed back to me.

Boy bands, I think it’s some odd right of passage for a prepubescent girl and luckily there were a shit ton in the late 90’s to choose from. While some/most will argue their favorite was the best, I will sit and argue right back. That is unless they agreed with me and declared themselves a BSB fan for life. Yes, O-Town was incredibly diverse and acted as the United Nations or sorts but their shelf life wasn’t too great; yes, 98 Degrees were chalked full of beefcakes but they had a pedophile by way of that dude named Justin; and finally…N’SYNC. They were clearly the only ones who could really rival BSB in any way, and while they had the mega talent of Justin Timberlake – he outshined the other four too much to ever really look at them like a cohesive group. Whereas Backstreet Boys was more or less a level playing field in terms of talent. Plus, which group is still around and actually making new music and touring in full? Exactly. They aren’t giving you two-second performances at the VMAs that are just sad.

The war of boy band fans was probably one of the most stressful times of my adolescence. Puberty was a bitch, but having to deal with girls telling you Nick Carter wasn’t “all that,” not that was reason enough to miss a day or three of school. How could you face those haters after your Boys dropped to number 2 on TRL? I think that’s the other reason Backstreet Boys will always own me. They were the main reason I started to watch TRL and in case you don’t already know – that is one of my favorite things to have ever been on TV. Did I watch all the way up until the end? Oh no, I got out of touch of what was hip come college, but I did tune in for the last one and shed some tears as I waved goodbye to the show that shaped my after school memories for years.

Good Charlotte was there for me when the mental drama of being a teenager came into play, but Backstreet Boys were there way before that and made my childhood overflow with Tiger Beat magazines and unnecessary memorabilia. Ask me why I needed a Nick Carter Christmas ornament? I have no reasonable answer other than…one day I will pass it along to my child while we sing BSB songs around the tree on Christmas Eve.

Backstreet Boys was the first music anything that ever made me incredibly insane and I’d like to thank them for helping me discover my fangirl side early on. Today it’s simmered down just a bit, but put me at one of their shows – and I’m screaming like I’m 12-years-old all over again.


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