Korbee: “Show Me The Way”

When it comes to LA artists heating up the city in the middle of winter, Korbee is definitely one of them. Tom and Jenn make up the duo and over the years their career has taken them from American Idol to working with one half of Savage Garden. Yes, that ’90s pair that perfectly captured everything you wanted to say to your middle school crush with “Truly, Madly, Deeply.” Now Daniel Jones is passing the torch along to Korbee because they are definitely a one hot duo, especially with their latest single, “Show Me The Way.”

Powerful vocals. That’s what each member possesses and has complete control over. That was no surprise after seeing the single’s cover. Decked in warpaint and ready for battle, Korbee didn’t come to play but rather to take over the music scene. The song sounds like a blend of adult contemporary you’d hear from the likes of KT Tunstall and the pop on Top 40 charts. More of that sound can and will be found shall you find yourself emerged in their latest EP, Great Escape.

For more on Korbee, you can check out their interview with Coming Up Magazine here.


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