GML: Say Anything and RIPs

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David Bowie. He made headlines this week for two things; passing away after a secret battle with cancer and for scoring his first number one album in the US. You know the thing when a celebrity dies and all of a sudden everyone you know was their biggest fan? Well of course that happened, but let’s not continue to focus on that. I want to touch on the fact that this dude continued to live until that record dropped, had that startling video of him in bandages and then passed away. It all seems like a perfect plan, and what a shame he couldn’t hold on to see it go number one. I wasn’t a fan of his music though. In reality, the only song I can even think of is the one used in Perks of Being a Wallflower because the only thing I ever really cared about when it came to him was his love of Iman. RIP nevertheless, and I can’t wait to see how and if they pay tribute to him at the Grammys. Out of respect, don’t let Adam Lambert do it.

In tour news, Tame Impala is selling out their upcoming tour left and right. So you’re going to want to get tickets to that ASAP. It kicks off at the end of January and rolls on through mid-March. Say Anything is also hitting the road, as well as Laura Stevenson. You can check out the dates to both of those below.



Now for this week’s video picks! You’ll have a good laugh with Howell Dawdy and that’s all I’m going to say…

Marie Munroe “Can’t Fo Back”

Howell Dawdy “Handsome Boy”

The Nightmare Police “Eighteen”

Electric Eye “Mercury Rise”

Beliefs “Leave With You”


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