Temporary Hero: CHET

Noted as a “musical chameleon,” Temporary Hero has a lot of sides to his sound on his latest album CHET. From what you’d hear in a metropolitan downtown to something one may hear in a dive bar on an island. While he’s all over the place in terms of style and demeanor, it’s not so much so that you’re confused by the end. His switch ups melt together to create an album that sounds cohesive and pure.

The snapping that starts off CHET made me thing we were in for a Glee inspired record with “My Buddy,” as the vocals kind of went down that path too. Instead, as the record rolled on – his voice showed such conviction in tracks like “Time After Time” and “My Funny Valentine.” What I loved most though were the lessons in his lyrics when it came to “Look for The Silver Lining,” as well as his world sonds in “I Get Along Without You Very well” and “I Fall I Love Too Easily.”

His sound may not be anything you can put your finger on and say, well he’s this or that – but that’s what you can appreciate about collection of songs that wind up working well together. Like a family of interesting characters, they have one common thread that links them and that’s precision in execution and clear cut talent in the vocal department. If you want to check out a singer who pays homage to the past while coming into today, check out Temporary Hero’s CHET, out now.


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