#FBF: Good Charlotte


Changing things up every year to keep my baby blog going, I thought about this next new series for a minute like, hmm…what to do, what to do. Then since we have shifted towards being a culture obsessed with hashtags, and I’m all about nostalgia to a certain point – #FBF was born. Each month will have a focus, this one being groups that made me love music, and each week will be someone or thing different. To kick it off, we’re going with the first band I ever liked. Note, Backstreet Boys is a group and I promise you’ll hear me go on and on about them later, but for now it’s all about Good Charlotte.

It was the early 2000’s, middle school was a pain – because when isn’t it? I always thought it was the worst time period for humans and then I entered my 20’s and was like, TAKE ME BACK TO JUNIOR HIGH. It was during that time between like 13 and 14 that I first heard of Good Charlotte. My addiction to Backstreet Boys was starting to fade as much as their presence on TRL and in their place was this Blink 182. They were cool, but their music just didn’t provoke quite the response “The Motivation Proclamation” and “The Click” did. Plus, while Blink was all about being nude and cursing, Good Charlotte was singing about being broke, distant dads and being punk rawk (this aspect, I knew nothing about).

Remembering lyrics to anything besides ‘90s pop and R&B songs is hard for me, but let me tell you – those first two records by Good Charlotte may as well be the Backstreet Boys’ birthdays. I know them like they were imprinted into my head at birth. When they started to get a little meh, and people started to turn their backs on them I was like, uh…did we forget how awesome they once were though? Yes, Chronicles was a shit show, but what came after it wasn’t that bad. I mean, did any of those live up to the first two? Oh no – never. So let’s just go back that time.

When your dad was married when he knocked up your mom and you see him every other week, sometimes month – but he lives in the next town, you’re a little confused and when you’re 13, you’re really bothered by it. Because of that, Good Charlotte was my go to. Plus, growing up on and off Welfare made my heart smile when they actually had a lyric about it. I was the only one of my friends who had that upbringing, the rest had two parents who could always seemed to afford things my family could only be envious of. Even today, I’m hoping to save up to have my eyebrows done for the first time in about a decade some time this year. Fingers crossed I can get there.

Photo Credit: goodcharlotteworldwide.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: goodcharlotteworldwide.tumblr.com

Right now Good Charlotte is preparing for a comeback and all of a sudden they’re everyone’s favorite again – which, okay…Where were these people when they literally toured a few years ago? I mean, I snuck into one show and was thankful my roommate won tickets to the other, so I can’t say I was buying a ticket…but I am the girl saving up to get her brows on fleek. Anyways, the band has said this album is a throwback to what they once were and that excites me but at the same time, what do they know about hardships now? They’re both married to stars, live in the hills and have fancy friends. Hopefully though they can capture that early 2000’s essence and not make another mistake aka Chronicles. We’ll have to wait and see…

Good Charlotte…the band that took me from boy bands to the edge of pop punk but really catered to the fact that I only had MTV as a guide to discover new music, that and my best bud.


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