Golden Mixtape Live Version 2.0

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Welcome to 2016! Okay, it’s been a week and some are already over this year, have said “fuck you” to resolutions and so forth and so on, but I’m still a little hopeful. I have a new blog that I’m excited about (check it out here) and here I’m trying something new with the “Women in Music” series that has already proven to be a great step towards something, and of course “#FBF” which is something you haven’t seen yet as videos shifted to today. With that being said, GML is getting a bit of a makeover this year. Instead of just videos, it’ll be the once place a week where music news, tours and videos are featured. So let’s get to it!

Two things this week in terms of musical news. The first being Madonna and her son wanting to get the hell away from her. You may be thinking, who wouldn’t want to tour all the time, see the world and live lavishly with the Material Girl? On the flip side, whether or not it’s Madonna…would you want to watch your mom hump random strangers every night? Dear Rocko, I’m with you and I hope your dad gets you. Then there’s Tyga and the 14-year-old. First Kylie before she was able to vote and now this one? While he may look like a 16-year-old who comes to class with only a backpack and an attitude, he is an adult and needs to be checked. Find someone your age and stop lurking the playground.

In concert news, Coachella was announced. For those of you who care – great…for the rest of us, meh. It’s far too hot and expensive of a show. Looking for something a little more affordable and with less Urban Outfitters? Try Citizen and Turnover. They just announced a tour, and you can check out the dates below.

citizen-tunrover-tour-dates-2016Now for this week’s video picks!

Little Wings “Fat Chance”

Chelsea Perkins “You’re Busy”

Sekai No Owari “Mr.Heartache”

Fall Out Boy feat. Demi Lovato “Irresistible”

Prayers feat. DJ Klever and Travis Barker “Drugs”

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