alone@home: Anachrony in Everything

Said it once and I’ll say it time and time again; Wayne Szalinski is one of my favorite band names I’ve come across in this blogging life of mine. Now one of those guys is back in my life with his solo project, alone@home. Andrew has taken what I loved about Hellogoodbye, taken it to Silicon Valley and teched it up and then turned it down a notch on his EP, Anachrony in Everything.

With some rain in my future, “Community Pool” was a nice track to take me back to summer days at the plunge when I was a kid. Waiting for my mom to remember to pick me up as the sun dries my skin, this track definitely had that light and airy feel, but it was unlike “Maybe” which was all about the fun. It’s upbeat manner would be a rare happy scene in a Sofia Coppola movie. Okay, maybe those don’t exist? “In the Meantime” was background noise while “Pathways” created a whimsical route towards the end as “Seasons” wrapped everything up in a weird but interesting way.

Andrew of Wayne Szalinski is now alone@home and he’s doing it up by creating music that blends this sort of garage pop with lo-fi tendencies. There were times where I felt like a hipster making the truly unique discovery at a dive bar, and there were other times where I felt like I had to be an oddball music major to really appreciate what Andrew was going for. All in all though alone@home has created a lo-fi pop record that anyone into that scene would smile about. If that’s you, check out Anachrony in Everything, out now.


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