The Best Albums of 2015

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Changing the format of how Golden Mixtape worked this year made me listen to less albums for this site, however – running the music section of Zo Magazine, as well as contributing to Coming Up – I did get to hear my fair share of other artists throughout the year. With that, here are the most memorable albums that dropped in the past 365 days.

5. Crocodile: Love During Wartime

When you read an album is about “a suicidal maniac who murders his girlfriend” you assume that it’s going to all about thrashing metal. Instead it was quite the opposite. The surprise and the end result it what made me mentally note this gem.

4. Century Thief: Reverie

Drawn to the elegance of it as well as the universal aspects of the lyrics, this record managed to land here.

3. bFame: Stuck

How could I deny a record that reminded me of Good Charlotte at times?

2. Their Wedding: Naked

It reminded me of how much I actually missed The Cab. Then I realized I could just listen to this pop record infused with soul and smile.

1. Sledding With Tigers: Come On And Slam

sledding-with-tigers-come-on-and-slamOne of the best movies in the history of cinema is Space Jam. This is an homage to Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes and it is glorious.


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