Triangle B.: Memoria

We’re heading towards the end of the year and when Mariah Carey is playing on a loop in almost every store in the world, I have on Triangle B.’s Memoria. A progressive metal record that would make elves run for the hills, may be a great fit for those who headed out and will head out to see Krampus this month. With songs that made my heart skip a beat, this was definitely something you’d listen to when gearing up for a war.

Figuratively speaking of course. The only battle here is the crashing discourse of the guitars and drums colliding with the vocals as the build up of “Unhearable” comes through and you hear their experimental twist. Things took a turn that was too much rock for me in “Lynch Law” while “Sell Our Souls” calmed down and reminded me a bit of Taproot in the vocal department. As soon as that thought crossed my mind “Hyperempatia” and its buddy “AFR” come bursting through. This is where I have to warn you – if you’re not into headbanging – this isn’t really for you, please remove yourself and have a nice day. As the record came to a close, “Royal Road” gave me chills as “Ephemera” capped things off with an unexpected note; fun.

Sounding like something off the soundtrack of a horror movie, Triangle B.’s latest album is for those who like a little more with their metal, some progressive tendencies with a little experimentation tossed into the mix. If that sounds like you, check out Memoria, out now.

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