GML: What Now?

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Come next year there will be some small changes to this little blog child of mine. Reviews and interviews, nothing will ever change when it comes to those – but it’s time to say adios to “Wrapped in the Covers” and welcome in “Women in Music.” I know a lot of lovely ladies who work in the music realm, but it always seems like the dudes are pushed into the limelight.

Sorry boys, it’s time to change that. So I’ll be talking to a handful of women each month that come from different parts of the world of music. From the ones who deal with all things PR to those who work in record stores and venues to artists themselves. Hey, if it goes well – I may make this a girls only blog come 2017. Who knows? Also, the 10 great videos I pick each week will be packing up and heading to Thursday and Fridays will be all about those flashbacks; personal memories of favorite bands, songs, shows, and all that jazz. There are so many reasons I wake up and pour myself into this blog, and it’s time to talk about all of them.

Now, before we head into the “Top” lists next week and then head into some winter slumber until the new year, here are my favorite videos from this week!

Cold Collective “Wanna Change”

Field Music “The Noisy Days Are Over”

Oceans of Slumber “Winter”

Judith Hill “Cry, Cry, Cry”

Tei Shi “Get It”

Twin Limb “Don’t Even Think”

Jimmy Whispers “Keeping Me High”

Virus Syndicate “Psychopath”

Yuko Yuko “I’m Too Cool”

Monogold “Pink Lemonade”

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