Cemetery Sun’s Heartache and Gift to You

Photo Credit: Adam Dillon
Photo Credit: Adam Dillon

Half the guys in Cemetery Sun were making Headlines and the other half were setting off Explosions In The Sky. Then sometime a couple of years ago the stars aligned, breaks were being had and the four of them came together. Today the four of them hold down day jobs, but they’re lucky enough to have coworkers who like coming to their local shows and showing their support. Hey, not all bands can say that. Now with an EP in the midst, you can find out later how to get it ASAP, they’re dishing on why it’s a must-have as well as where they find their voice when writing, working with kickass directors and more.

Kendra: Has there been any significant changes to your lives since starting this endeavor?

Jesse: All the changes in our lives have been around this band. We know we aren’t supposed to have all our eggs in one basket but it’s really hard to remain safely detached. Especially when the songwriting chemistry is so easy.

Kendra: You have an EP coming out soon. With songs like “Fake Love” and “Wish It Was Love” in the mix, is it safe to assume someone was going through some heartache when it came time to write?

Jesse: It was definitely an outlet. I think we all wish we could say exactly what we mean when a relationship is crashing and burning. It can be definitely one sided but it allows for free expression. Something I don’t think happens very often in any relationship. Taylor Swift has a whole career of revenge songs!

Kendra: Heartache aside, with the holidays coming up, can you let us know three reasons your EP would be the perfect gift?

Jesse: 1. We worked on over 40 songs before we narrowed it down to the six on the album. There is nothing but pure love in these tracks and I hope that is what fills the room when you’re jamming to it.

2. The song “E.Y.T.Y.K.” is an ode to California summers. Right now it is cold and snowing in the Sierra’s where I live and I honestly listen to it to get me out of that cabin fever winter funk. Yes, I listen to our own music. Kanye knows about that.

3. We currently only have the full EP available at shows. So you can come see a show and then get EP’s for your fam and tell them how they got it first before the rest of the world!

Kendra: Back to love, you dropped a video for “Fake Love” and the views were insane. Do you attribute that to working with Raul Gonzo?

Jesse: He was so excited to work on this song. We basically let him guide the entire vision and that is why we chose him. We put everything we had into the song and he did the same. The video and the song could each stand on their own.

When it came time for us to shoot for “Wish It Was Love” we definitely borrowed from that late 90’s hip hop sound and we wanted to continue that theme. Redwall Studios is a very talented group of people that nail the rhythm and excitement for every track they film for. It was kind of a no brainer. They did so much with so little.

All in all we are very proud of what both videos bring to the table and that they both speak to who we are and what our songs are about.

Kendra: He’s worked with Crosses and PVRIS and did great work with them. Are these bands you think you’d fare well with out on your and has Gonzo hooked it up yet?

Jesse: Gonzo has definitely hooked it up. We have been talking to some of the PVRIS camp about working on some tracks and Lynn from PVRIS actually designed our coffin logo for us.

Kendra: Since we’re on the subject what’s more important, touring with bands who have similar styles or ones you get along with?

Jesse: I prefer diverse bills with bands that we get along with.

Kendra: You played around home in Northern California recently, what’s the game plan for heading down south or east even?

Jesse: We are planning our tours for next year. Some of which do include the east coast. The south would be fun!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for your band mates for the holidays, what five songs would have to be on it?

Jesse: Been on a groove kick so some of these will be interesting.
1. Pell – “Eleven:11
2. The Internet – “Gabby
3. A$ap Rocky – “L$D
4. Isaac Hayes – “Joy
5. Warpaint – “Keep It Healthy


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