GML: Do Good


Nothing to really chat about this week. Just a note to say that if you’re ever feeling like you need to go shoot up a place for some reason – don’t. It won’t make your god happy, it won’t make your life any better, it won’t fix anything. So just skip the whole shooting idea and do something productive with your life. Like getting into charity work, starting a scrapbook, checking out new music – which, we have some new videos that made some positive noise this week. Check them out and remember that there are a million and one great things you can do with your life that doesn’t harm anyone else.

Autopilot “Oceanside”

Smoke Season “Loose”

Girl Names “Reticence”

Fallstar “Circle Above Me (A Silent Voice)

Snir Yamin “Taking (#PrayForWorldPeace)”

FEWS “The Zoo”

Fast Lane “The Secret Storm”

Elliot Moss “Pattern Repeating”

Lizzo “My Skin”

PAPA “Hold On”


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