All The King’s Men: Making My Escape


Just a few hours ago I was listening to a newer band from the UK who you’d think was straight out of the ‘60s, and now I’m writing about a decade later. All The King’s Men was definitely a blast from the ‘70s past on their Making My Escape EP. However, the longer I listened, I realized that throwing it back just sounds like what indie bands are doing today. Anyways, let’s get to it.

Fever” was the best representation of what All The King’s Men were going for. It fit the right decade like a tight tee and bell bottoms and even had some of that indie flare I mentioned not too long ago. Right there to back it up was “City Lights,” but then we took a blind turn towards “Someday.” It was calmer than the others and had this Blind Melon feel to it that I took me away from where we started. So much so, “My Mother’s Son” failed to ignite any sort of fire, but they did manage to end on a high note with their own version of a ballad, “Making My Escape.”

My speakers sounded more like that of my mom’s back when she was a teen rather than 2015, but overall it was a good record for those who appreciate the throwback sounds over the more contemporary rock. Although, some (I) would argue that a lot of indie is just ‘70s style with a twist. Nevertheless, if you’re all about that far out rock, check out All The King’s Men’s Making My Escape, out now.


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