The Frights Throw It Back but Keep it Modern

KissyFace- Lores
The ’50s was a time when music was really starting to form into what we hear today. Mainstream pop got its start then with the emergence of rock and roll, catchy hooks and real radio hits – it was undeniable that it would continue to be influential for decades to come. That’s why when I heard The Frights, I wasn’t surprised. They throw it way back and because of that have garnered a number of fans who fall into the “mom” category, but as their lead singer Mikey Carnevale said, “I’d love to see some more moms flock in.” With that, let’s get to more of what he had to say from how they got signed to emailing a band all the time until it finally paid off.

Kendra: What was the first thing you did after signing with Dangerbird – did you tweet about it or actually call someone?

Mikey Carnevale: Basically we just sat around a fire out with everyone and had a couple beers. We had just played a show so we were exhausted. But once we got home I think we all collectively freaked out.

Kendra: I read it was your live show that really sold them on signing you guys. What are you bringing on the stage that you think makes you stick out?

Mikey: That’s kinda been our goal since the beginning, to have good records and a better live show. It’s really important to us to have fun and put on something great to watch. We’re gonna have to step our game up with this next record though.

Kendra: How did working with Fidlar’s Zac Carper come about?

Mikey: I used to email Fidlar constantly asking to get on shows or tours with them. We played a few shows with them and then the next time I asked I got a response saying “how about doing a couple songs instead”. And then a record came out of it. Really fucking weird.

Kendra: What do you think he’ll add to your 2016 release?

Mikey: Besides the amazing additions Zac brought to the album itself, he has this charm that draws people to most things that he’s involved with. I think that will apply a bit to the release. I sound like I’m flirting with Zac right now. I am.

Kendra: Of all the decades, why throwback to the ’50s? What is it about those ten years that you love musically?

Mikey: That was a huge influence early on and it still is an influence. Mainly because these songs are just melodic pop songs. Which is basically what I took from the ’50s. Only difference with this record and our older ones as far as hearing that influence goes is, on the older records we tried to make it sounds old with all that reverb and recording to tape and being minimalistic as we could afford. With this record, the songwriting influence is definitely still 50s inspired (at points) but the quality is up to date.

Kendra: What will you guys be doing after the record drops next year, or is it still too soon to tell?

Mikey: We got something big planned. You gotta wait though.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for all your lovely mom fans out there to say thanks for the support, what I’ve songs would be on it?

Hotline Bling” Drake
Wasn’t Me” Shaggy
Caress Me Down” Sublime
When It’s Over” Sugar Ray
Soak up The Sun” Sheryl Crow
Loser” Beck
I Wanna Be Sedated” Ramones
Say it Ain’t So” Weezer
Hey Mama” Kanye West
Hey Mama” The Black Eyed Peas
Hey Mama” David Guetta

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