Summer Wars: Better Days

Surprisingly, this isn’t being written with the NFL on in the other room. No, I’m sitting here at midnight as my boyfriend sleeps with Arrow on in the background, going in and out of Summer Wars’ latest EP. It sucks that this CW show is one you really have to pay attention to because Better Days was just as captivating as the drama going on in Starling City with it’s infectious pop punk verses and intricate thoughts.

Sometimes a record from a band falling into the pop punk realm is fun, but it’s like a hook up – in that I don’t take it too serious and come back to it whenever I need a fix. Better Days was more like a friend with benefits situation; fun, but an attachment definitely blossomed. That’s pretty impressive seeing as this was a quick EP. “Effortless” was something you’d hear on an All Time Low record with lines of sinking ships and heartbreak. It was simple and not too empowering, but then came “Weight Of The World” with its journal-entry like lyrics that sung more like well-constructed thoughts instead of random occurrences of being lost. After that the title track really balanced everything out with a track that’s for the realists out there.

With Oliver Queen signing off for the night, I’m a little lost but nevertheless have found a musical something something with Summer Wars’ latest. If you like pop punk that’s lyrically evolved but still knows how to have fun, check out Better Days, out now.


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