GML: Short & Sweet

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Good Charlotte played their first show in the states in like five years at the Troubadour down in West Hollywood last night. It was awesome, but…I just wish they would’ve pulled out more from the self-titled. When you know one of your albums was a dud *cough* Chronicles *cough* then don’t even with that. I’m sorry but that album is, I just can’t. It’s the one that made a lot of fans walk away. Not saying that everyone hated it, but come on. It wasn’t the best. Plus, “The Click” was nowhere to be found. Even though they’ve played it in the past decade over in the UK. Hey bands, listen to what fans want to hear…That’s why I have no fear that New Found Glory will be amazeballs tonight at The Wiltern. They’re one of the few bands who can actually play most of their musical babies.

I have to keep this short because I have a lot to get done before I head out to wait in line. Note – if you’ve never been to The Wiltern and find yourself there for your first show, it’s beautiful but horrendous. No venue with GA should have tiers. If you’re not in the first section, or the front of the second – forget seeing the show. Enough of my rambling. Let’s get to these video picks!

At The Gates “The Night Eternal”

Rah Rah “Be Your Man”

Lady Low “Burning Like a Fever”

The Donkeys “Down The Line”

Leaders In The Clubhouse “LawnChairs”

Love Like Hate “List”

Jake McMullen “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up”

Baby Blood “Figurine”

Broadhurst “Little Lover”

The Christians “Rise”


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