The Velvet Hands’ Garage Games

Turning 18 is a weird time in everyone’s life. At least it should be. You can legally do a hell of a lot more, but at the same time – most of us are/were still in high school when that birthday hits. How can one feel grown when that’s the case? Why I was far from being a grown up or knowing where my life was going then (and today), Toby and Dan of The Velvet Hands are dead set on making music their full time job.

Dan’s done with school and living with some buddies in North London while his bandmate, Toby, is studying music to they have a free practice space on lock. He’ll worry about that student loan debt later. Right now it’s all about creating some more music to go along with their already released singles. Which they’ll talk about real soon. So continue reading on for that and more.

Kendra: You have two songs out right now, the first being “Games.” That made me wonder, if your guys music was going to be in a commercial for a board game, which would it be and why?

Dan: Buckaroo, because that game is unknowingly the perfect metaphor for being in a band.

Toby: Mouse Trap, nothing will ever beat the satisfaction of winning that game.

Kendra: Going off the other one’s title, what is a 2015 news story we can already look at and say “Who Cares?”

Toby: Anything a tabloid newspaper writes. Also most NME stories are ridiculous; “Alex Turner is a Man,” “20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Some Band Nobody Cares About” etc….

Dan: It all, mostly to do with vacuous reality TV stars and the fabricated drama that goes with it. You see things in magazines all the time that are ridiculous like “Noel Gallagher Doesn’t Wear Pants on Stage,” it’s not particularly interesting, it’s just unhygienic.

Kendra: It’s just you two but you’ve said you have people join you from time to time, what’s that all about?

Dan: Well we’re the songwriting force of the band, and after we were done with education everyone was heading separate ways, so it just made more sense to say that for now. Louis Willbourne and Sean Nichols from Telephone Medicine have helped us out a lot, once we got Ben and Jerry Horne to play drums and bass for us at a festival, which was a laugh.

Kendra: Sound wise you’re very garage rock. If you could be a fly on the wall in any musician’s garage, living or dead, who would it be and what would you hope to witness?

Toby: It’d be very interesting to see how Bowie actually writes, however I can imagine he was much more glamorous than playing in a garage. It’d be great to see how The Stones created their ‘70s stuff.

Dan: Very good question, I guess in terms of dead, to see what Lou Reed was up to in the ‘60s in his garage with Andy Warhol. Though I heard he was a bit moody, but I’d expect to see Nico talking in a ridiculous accent like in that The Doors film. Or Keith Richards, who is neither alive or dead, I’d just see if he actually was draining all the blood from his body and swapping it with someone else’s.

Kendra: What do you two have planned for the coming year?

Dan: More gigs, more singles and EPs, just more. It would be really nice to record a load of stuff because we have so much material that’s not even rehearsed yet, I do think some of our best songs are still just ink on paper.

Toby: A record contract always helps, or so I’m told.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape full of silky smooth, velvety songs – what five would make the cut?

The Velvet Hands: Slither by Velvet Revolver five times, we love Slash and his pritt sticked on hat.


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