Friday Night Lites: Wherever You May Be

An ode to a television show this is not. Those who watched that football drama don’t just like it, they are downright obsessed. I can’t say the same for the band Friday Night Lites because this is my first time hearing them, but from what I heard on Wherever You May Be – they may be a rising name in the pop punk scene over the next year, popping up on tours with bands like The Story So Far, State Champs or Real Friends. Predictions aside, let’s what I know for sure.

“Neck Deep” starts out nice and then as it played on, the grizzly sounds came into play and from that point on you knew it was going to be more of that Wonder Years type pop punk rather than the nasel drip ways of a New Found Glory. Lyrically “Bases Loaded,” “We’ve Got Something For Ya” and “Glass” were on top of their game with sentiments of growing up and reality strewn in between the lines. Standing out for the musical approach though was the acoustic trip “The Blind Side” and a true blue would-be-great-for-a-Warped-Tour-mixtape, “Call It A Day.”

The television drama is a show I will probably never watch, but Friday Night Lites’ Wherever You May Be is an album I’d toss on again. I personally would lean more towards the songs where the words were stellar, but I think for others they’d go with the acoustics and Warped staple. If you’re a pop punk fanatic, make sure to check out Wherever You May Be, out November 20.

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