GML: Jason Al-Hell No

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Halloween was almost two weeks ago, but it hasn’t died down thanks Jason Aldean thinking blackface was appropriate for his Lil Wayne costume. Many people at TMZ dressed as rappers too – but they did so with just clothing, and everyone got who they were. That’s all Aldean had to do. It’s pretty easy to pull off Wayne’s look with dreads, and the what’s it called, the grill? Simple as that, but what should we expect from a dude who’s step out on his wife?

Dear white people who think this is okay…are you aware what year it is? You want to be a black person for Halloween, that’s not the problem. The problem comes when you take it back to blackface, a symbol of a time when things weren’t equal and right in this country. Hey, with current events over the past years – maybe we’re still not equal and that’s why some think this is okay behavior. Some food for thought…

Now to lighten the mood we’ll turn our attention to this week’s video picks. Like always, shout out to my personal favorite The Hummingbirds; so good. Now check out the rest!

The Hummingbirds “Out Of The Rain”

The Wicked Mercy “Fading Fast”

GIRLI “So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya”

Yukon Blonde “I Wanna Be Your Man”

Elephant Stone feat. Alex Maas “The Devil’s Shelter”

Harker “23”

The Elwins “Show Me How To Move”

Aborted “Necrotic Manifesto”

Celldweller “Down to Earth”

Peaches feat. Feist “I Mean Something”


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