Ditching the Norm In Williamsburg with Late Nite Cable

Both Pete and Severine have been lucky enough to call a number of places around the world home. Both Pete and Severine have also been lucky enough to have steady work in their lives, that is until they left the 9-5 hustle to do their thing together as Late Nite Cable.

For Severine, it was no big deal. Her parents said she was free to make her own decisions as soon as she had a diploma – and as long as she’s safe. It was a different story for Pete. When he first said adios to the day job, he remembers that people thought he wasn’t quite right in the head. In his words people thought he was “a bit lost and maybe a bit crazy.” That was then and now that Late Nite Cable has some music out and about, those once upon a time haters have now been converted into supporters.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to stay on the path everyone takes in life. It’s okay to stray away and do your own thing – as long as it’s safe. Right Severine’s parents? Now let’s get into more with Pete and Severine as they dish about Williamsburg, tasty treats and so much more.

Kendra: So Pete, what drew you to Costa Rica some years ago?

Pete: Funny enough, it was kind of a last minute decision. During the 2009 economic crisis, I just picked up and left NYC to travel and work internationally because there weren’t a ton of jobs in NYC floating around. After securing a job at a wine company in Mendoza, Argentina that started in September of 2009 (it was April of 2009 at this point), I decided to move to Costa Rica and take a course in teaching English and work for the wine companies importer for about 4 months. The four months I spent there were super fun and I met a few people that will be lifelong friends; however, by month 3, I’m pretty positive that my brain was starting to die from lack of stimulation due to partying and surfing, so I was actually pretty excited to enter my new chapter down at the winery in Argentina.

Kendra: Now both of you have spent time and lived in a number of places around the world, what make you guys settle on New York?

Severine: It had always been a dream since I was 10. I was born there, and even though my parents are French, I always had an inexpressible attraction to the US and especially New York. I always wanted to live and have my own experience there…and a few years later, I made it! 😉

Pete: Even though I have traveled quite a bit and lived in other countries, the New York City/Tri-State area has always been my home. I grew up in Connecticut and have spent a great deal of time in NYC throughout my life. In addition, my parents both worked in the city when they were my age, so it was the most logical place for me to go after college. Luckily, it is also the best city in the world…

Kendra: Now you’re both settled in Williamsburg. I’ve heard it’s a bit of a hipster hotspot. How does your synth pop do there?

Severine: No matter where we are whether we are in Williamsburg or elsewhere, I really think synth pop music can be appreciated by any kind of people. The synth pop scene is becoming more and more important. Plus, for a lot of people, it reminds them of the 80s…I have even shown our music to a ton of people in bars in areas that don’t seem like they would like synthpop, and they seemed to like it which is nice! Lately different bartenders that have I shown our music to were even so excited about it that they asked me if they could play it the whole night in their bar, which I obviously didn’t refuse…People in the bar even started to dance…which is obviously a good sign!

Kendra: They have to be loving it but if you had to compare your latest record to a late night snack, what would it be and why?

Pete: I would probably compare it to a diner-style disco fries….Because they are just a big mess of a party…and really, who actually eats disco fries unless you are hammered at a diner at 5am??? Not to say you have to only listen to our album at 5am to like it…

Severine: If I had to compare our latest record to a late night snack, I would compare it to Skittles candies…Born in the ‘80s and always loved by all kinds of people…With multiple colors and multiple flavors, just like our music!

Kendra: Where in New York could one find the best “Hideaway?”

Severine: I love so many places in New York that I could consider my own hideaway…
However if I had to choose one, it would be Red Hook. And certainly Sunny’s Bar…This is a great bar in Red Hook where they play bluegrass every night. The last time I was there, they were 20 people on stage playing different instruments! It really feels like you are in a different time, maybe 40 years earlier, with the atmosphere, the people there and the great music…Each time I go there, I get totally disconnected and it feels great…

Pete: For me, there is one restaurant/bar that I love…it’s a place called Ninth Ward in the East Village and it is a New Orleans-style bar that actually looks like an old ship inside. The food is great and the beer is amazing as well. Definitely a great “hideaway” for sure.

Kendra: In a day and age where dating apps are used more for hookups than relationships, do you think the idea of romance is dead?

Pete: I definitely don’t think that romance is dead. I just think that dating has evolved now because of all of the technology that is out there. While not all of us are writing love letters anymore, I definitely don’t think that dating sites have corrupted dating completely. People are just a bit clear about what kind of person they want to spend their time with now and get to really target their search. Obviously dating sites have made the whole process a bit more robotic but I think there might be some good in them as well, because you really get a lot of information from the get-go and don’t have many terribly negative surprises down the road (that you didn’t already know)! Most importantly, I think if you are a romantic, you will be one no matter what kind of technology is out there. No one can really take that sense from you if you have it innately.

Severine: Not at all! Romance can still exist, no matter what mode we use to find it! It is up to each of us to decide what we want with the people that we meet. It’s too easy to blame our electronic devices…

Kendra: A new record out, what do the cards hold for Late Nite Cable in the coming months?

Severine: Shows, music videos, love and fun!

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for all the 20 and 30-something’s who are still full of angst, what songs would have to be on it?

Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queens
Another Brick in the Wall” – Pink Floyd
What a Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong
Where Is My Mind” – Pixies
New Born” – Muse
Let’s say a last one cause I love this song…my favorite one from the Beatles, “A Day in Life.”

Pete: Being that you didn’t specify what time period theses 20s and 30s lived in, here are some from a few different decades!
Blind Melon – “Tones of Home
Germany Germany – “Run
Fleetwood Mac – “Everywhere
Chromeo – “Old 45’s
The Smiths – “How Soon Is Now?

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