Adir L.C.: Oceanside Cities


It’s more than likely that everyone has one or two songs that make them instantly sad. For my uncle it’s “I Will Always Love You” thanks to it being the main song of my grandpa’s funeral, for me it’s Coldplay’s “Trouble.” It holds no personal meaning, nor does it mark a time in my life – just listen to it – does it not sound like the end of a life? If my grandpa has passed in 2000, I would’ve requested this as the theme song of the day. Like always, these personal anecdotes were brought about by this week’s review choice. I thought Adir L.C. was going to be this chilled listen, but instead he took me down a Coldplay like path on Oceanside Cities.

“Half Right” opened the record and tricked my mind. I rarely read the words that make the press release, as I want to form my own opinions about things – so I thought from this song that it was going to be similar to Jason Mraz in the middle of his career. I was wrong. While the music would still be a favorite on Vh1, “Creature” and “Goldmund” presented a different front. They had a depth to them that really sung loud and gave way to a pristine way of thinking. They had a very somber tone to them, but it wasn’t all serious business on Oceanside Cities. No, “Dinosaurs” was very upbeat as “Believers” and “Same Big Ring” played around musically to deliver unique takes that really made me want to hit repeat.

When Adir L.C.’s record started, I was taken to a place of relaxation, then sadness but then the music did a turnaround and in the end every emotion was tapped. I guess that’s what a good record should do. It should take you on a ride and not let up. That’s what Adir L.C. has managed to do with this one. So if you like Chris Martin and Co. but like every side of them, not just the “Trouble,” check out Oceanside Cities, out now.


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