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Guys, I get to see Good Charlotte in 13 days and New Found Glory in 14. Teenage me is going a little insane right now, more so for Good Charlotte because NFG is the pop punk cockroach that won’t go down. I know they’ll always be around every year, like clockwork. BUT GC, my heart. They were the first band I headed towards when I thought I was “too cool” for boy bands. In reality I was still listening to them but not as obsessively. Anyways, Joel Madden was my new Nick Carter and my walls were soon flooded with their pictures as Backstreet Boys were pushed to the roof (I had way too many posters growing up).

While most like to look back and try to pretend they weren’t that into them, praising more “respectable” bands instead – looking at you kids who run Emo Night – most are liars. Well maybe I’m just being bias because really, GC’s first two albums meant the world to me. Hey, they had lyrics about being the poor kid and on welfare and sadly, those words still hold a special place in my heart today. So I am freaking out to see them at the Troubadour in less than two weeks. Will I cry if they do “The Click?” I can’t even pretend I won’t. I will, most definitely. I will be the almost 30-year-old crying at the Good Charlotte show in 2016. If you’re going – sorry in advance.

It’s weird to think that the music that guided you through adolescence will always hold a special place in shelves of your heart. It’s like that special blanket or toy you had to sleep with as a kid, all comforting and familiar; your safe place. Good Charlotte, as much shade as some want to throw their way (damn Emo Night kids), will forever be a safe place when talking about my teenage years. What band or artist is yours? Maybe you’re a young pup now and one of the following artists will be just that. With that, let’s get to this week’s picks!

Slutface “Shave My Head”

Paradise Animals “Monday Morning”

ACES “I’m Already Gone”

Kylesa “Lost and Confused”

Phedre “Tivoli”

Tushka “The Program”

Beau “Mosquito”

Battle Tapes “Valkyrie”

KLP feat. Remi “Recover”

Space “Strange World”


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