Juliana’s Post Apocalyptic Plan of Action, Music and More

Over the past couple of week’s I’ve interviewed so many artists from Australia that I feel like the host of TRL down under. The latest one is Juliana. She’s a young songstress from Melbourne who looks to the chandeliers for inspiration but has a pretty good grasp in her sound that’s both bitter and sweet. With a new album out now, Mere Mortal, let’s get to know Juliana more.

Kendra: The video for “Waterfalls” is stellar. With the very post apocalyptic vibe, I had to ask – if the world went to shit, what would be the first thing you did to survive?

Juliana: Thank you very much! Blake did a great job. Well that’s a great question and I’m horrible with survival skills. As much as I’d like to be a person addicted to the outdoors and stuff, I really couldn’t ever be outdoorsy. In saying that Katniss Everdeen is my everything. She really is. So taking the advice from everyone in the Hunger Games, I guess I’d just find some water… that’s if wifi isn’t an option, because then I’d probably google something like “Where can I find water after an apocalypse?”

Kendra: Being down in Melbourne, do you think one of those Walking Dead viruses would reach you guys?

Juliana: Look we already have it bad enough with the weather fluctuating like crazy all the time; everyone gets sick anyway, so I’d hope not! But, it’s bound to happen, everyone loves our country – I don’t blame them, how could you not? So I feel someone would probably bring it down to us.

Kendra: Back to the music. You have a bittersweet taste in what you do. What signature Australian dish do you think would go perfect with your latest record and why?

Juliana: Now I’m just getting hungry…We had this vegemite chocolate that was out for a promotional thing for a while, which unfortunately I never got to try, but I feel like that would be perfectly bittersweet. But because I’m an ice-cream girl through and through, I’d probably go for some coconut and lime ice cream sorbet, in a waffle cone of course.

Kendra: From those who’ve gotten to listen to the record already, what’s been one or two responses that have surprised you?

Juliana: Well, “speechless” has been the favourite so far! I was surprised actually, I’m not sure why. I guess because it’s very much a guilty pleasure pop song and from what people have said – it’s extremely relatable. That’s great, I’m not complaining!

Kendra: Is there a fellow Aussie pop singer you grew up idolizing, or were you a sucker for imports?

Juliana: I am most definitely a sucker for imports, but if I’m being completely honest, Sia is my hero. I admire how hard she’s worked to be where she is and of course who she is; I am so proud to say that she is Australian. It’s so great to see a fellow Aussie artist rule the pop charts like she has, and still remain so humble. So yeah, definitely Sia.

Kendra: Mere Mortal will be out by the time this posts. So what’s next on the agenda for you come the new year?

Juliana: Just to let the story unfold and keep people busy with more material. That may mean more music, or some shows… Who knows hehe

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that would “Light Up the Night,” what for songs would most definitely have to be on there?

Going to California” – Led Zeppelin
Wonderwall” – Oasis
Eye of the Needle” – Sia
Hide and Seek” – Imogen Heap


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