Ashley & Michael EP


Halloween is reserved for wedding from couples who walk a little differently. I knew of two this past weekend, one a giant nerd couple at a convention I happened to be in the audience for and the other of a former goth/emo/raver chick who’s now a put together mother of two. Then come Sunday night I was posted up next to my hibernating love as I put on the wedding favor of Michael from TDR Records. With the help of some friends he and wife Ashley got one of the best gifts their guests could walk away with after they said “I do.” Since Ashley & Michael isn’t too long we’ll talk about each track. What I want to point out is that it doesn’t matter what any of us think because the most important fact is that these are the songs that mean the most to the couple and that’s already making me bias to think every track is adorable because I’m a sucker for love and even more so for weddings.

Punchline’s “Turntables of Love” made me tear up as I imagined the bride and groom dancing their first official dance to it. Then I thought – we don’t know which, if any, of these were THAT song. Having missed then forgotten about With The Punches, it was nice to hear an acoustic gem from them with “I Told You Already.” After that came the one and only song I know from Valencia. “The Space Between” really doesn’t pack the same punch in acoustic form. The mood didn’t change as love’s in the air throughout, but the sound definitely did as “All I’m Searching For” from The Promise Hero took us from pop punk to the set of Juno – was this Pauley singing on a front porch? The last acoustic of the bunch, “What We Signed Up For” from July perked my ears up as the final song on the mix, Barely Blind’s “When I See You” brought it full circle as tears started to well again.

Ashley and Michael are just the names on this EP, but that’s how much I love weddings, ugh – such a sensitive girl when it comes to this stuff. That, on top of seeing one this weekend made this album one of the most heartfelt I’ve come across because although this couple didn’t write a word on this record, each song means something to them just like certain songs mean the world to me. Plus, this is Golden Mixtape and I’m all for a great mix. With that, if you want some great tracks plus acoustic renditions of old favorites, check out Ashley & Michael, out now. One last note, we can’t close without shouting out their cover inspiration – major points if you know.


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