GML: Teeny Bopper Thoughts

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This week my preteen self was saddened to hear Nick Carter was going to be a dad. In reality my 28-year-old self was like, okay – that poor child. Because as much as I’ll always love Backstreet Boys, my love for Nick was drained almost down to the end after I saw their documentary and his reality show. Oh man, that dude isn’t the brightest and when I look back – anyone who was dumb enough to enter Paris Hilton can’t really be trusted. All that aside, I try not to let 2015 him ruin the 1999 version that was plastered everywhere in my room until 2005 until I had to pack it all away. Stupid college.

That’s the thing with your teen idols – you can’t really keep them on that pedestal forever. Unless you love Taylor Swift, I really think that woman can do no wrong. How many charitable acts can one person do in a week? Anyways, while your childhood loves can let you down as you get older – that doesn’t mean you have to dismiss who they once were. That’s unless you loved Mest or Escape the Fate. Those bands housed murderers – are we all letting that go?

So to all you who love One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, know that one day Harry and that ugly one in 5SOS (Michael?) may let you down one day but don’t let it ruin the memories of the wonder they once were to you. Unless they date Paris Hilton, that’s a deal breaker right there. Now for some videos that’ll never let you down, and a special shout out Julien Baker – that’s some real talent right there.

Keep Shelly In Athens “Now I’m Ready”

Julien Baker “Sprained Ankle”

The Retroaction “Little Strange”

Painted Palms “Refractor”

Mystic Pete “Halloween Night (Shiva Shakti)”

The 1975 “Love Me”

Audrey Karrasch “Euphoria”

Princess Chelsea “We Are Strangers”

Emancipator feat. Madelyn Grant “Seven Seas”

The Secret Storm “The Dragon”


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