Fitness Club Fiasco: Modern Thought

This past week I spent a lot of time in the giant library researching everything from how to deal with death to how cliques form within social circles, and it’s given me some interesting insights on everything. Now I’m trying to get back into my musical mindset and listen to Fitness Club Fiasco’s Modern Thought. An indie pop record that sounds like a lot of fun on the surface, but holds some deep set emotion underneath the layers. I guess you could compare it to a frenemy; smiles on the outside, but something brewing underneath.

Just in time for what’s to come at the end of the week, “Ghost Dance” starts the record with what I’d just mentioned. The beat was fun as was in “Foolish,” and while the vocals in both were welcoming – there was something somber about them. Things took a bit of a funky turn with “Resurrection Body” and then “Oh Nostalgia” stood as the star packed right in the middle of the not so great ways of “Goldmine” and the dance party “My Agenda” created. Then everything came to an end with the cinematic piece “Nails.” Listen to it and tell me you can imagine Zooey Deschanel in a dramatic moment in a RomCom centered around finding true love on New Year’s Eve too…

Every other song on this album was like that friend you can’t’ really stand but are cordial to because you’re an adult and not a middle schooler. Not because you can’t stand this record – oh no, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying in regards to the music being pop but the vocals carrying some substance that paint a different picture than the walls that surround them. If you’re into music that can make you both move and think, check out Fitness Club Fiasco’s Modern Thought, out now.

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