GML: Time Limits

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Today started off with me thinking Adele hadn’t released anything in like 17 years and I was going to go on about her and The All-American Rejects taking their sweet time making music and how that’s possibly the best thing because look at their popularity compared to others. I know in no way the Rejects are comparable to the Grammy winning Adele in terms of global phenomenon, but it turns out this upcoming Adele record is her third, not her second. Nevertheless, these two artists to take some time to construct their next move and maybe that’s what artists should do. Instead of cranking out music every couple of years, they stand hidden away for a little longer than that and bam – success, tours, and for one – Grammys. Maybe it’s because that way people don’t get sick of you. Then on the flip side we have Taylor Swift and Rihanna who seem to never go away musically. There’s no real way to master what makes an artist successful…Hmm…While I ponder that, get ready for an interview that’d get me out of the house once a week for three hours and head to the library – you check out what may be Golden Mixtape’s most eclectic group of videos yet from rap to pop and back to hipster antics.

Princess Century “Sunrise 101/Last Disco”

Windhand “Two Urns”
10/18 200 metal

Loudpvck “Lit”

Violent Mae “In The Sun”

Gwen Stefani “Used To Love You”

Embracer “Remission”

Baloji “Unité & Litre”

The Mantles “Doorframe”

Terribly Yours “Answered Prayers”

SUNS “We Were Kings”

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