GML: Nelly No…

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I was checking out some news and was like, oh Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato did a song together. Then remembered hearing about Simple Plan and Nelly teaming up. While I’m all for a great collaboration…these are a bit odd. Okay let’s talk about these for a second. Demi’s voice actually works well with Patrick’s in “Irresistible” so I’m not mad at that at all and I’m sure they’ll be asked to perform it together at some awards show soon. Then there’s the throwback to 2002. What the hell is Simple Plan doing, and with Nelly at that? I had no clue what to expect when I hit play. Judging by the title, “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed” should be some pseudo angst ridden anthem, but then you toss in Nelly and a club mix and this is just a mess. I loved this band when I was 15, but 13 years later – they need to pack it up and stop.

Sometimes you score when you have someone collaborate with you, and sometimes you fail hard. These were examples of both. So that’s a heads up to the artists whose videos are being featured this week – be careful who you work with, because it could be a big ol’ mess. This week we have videos featuring strong ass vocals, a variety of rock and even a spoken word number.

Not Of “The Mark”

Co-pilgrim “You Come Over, You Go”

Powers “Hot”

Anna von Hausswolff “Evocation”

Meredith “Levels”

Lily Elise “Taken”

Thadeus Gonzalez “Change The Locks”

The Sherlocks “Heart of Gold”

Luka Lesson “Bones”

The Bandicoots “Overnight Innovator”


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