Wrapped in the Covers: Rise Against “Swing Life Away”

Photo Credit: chictrasher.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: chictrasher.tumblr.com

People think the mixtape thing came when I started the blog. That’s not the case, I’ve been making mental ones for years. One of my favorite being the one based on my family. I have the lyric to one song that made me think of us as a whole tattooed on my side, and another is the one I’ve chosen for this week’s cover feature.

Rise Against is far from one of my favorite bands. I probably only know this one and can maybe make out one more. However, when I first heard “Swing Life Away” I thought of my low income little family unit and was like, yup – that sounds about right. Growing up we lived check to check and it’s something we just got used to in our double wide in the middle of a place I think of as my own personal hell…now here are some great covers and I’ll be honest, the first one made me tear up a bit – she’s got an amazing set of pipes on her.

Millie Tizzard

Michael Marzeotti

Madison Leinster


Jill Fortin


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