Football, Direction and California with Water District

In a few hours I’ll be watching Aaron Carter. No, this was not written by a 10-year-old me back in the late ‘90s. A friend wanted company and it was free. So before I step into a ridiculous situation, I’m cleansing myself writing about a local LA band that I was lucky enough to spread the word about just a week or so ago on another site I write for. Check out Coming Up, but before you do – make sure to continue reading what Water District’s Ticey had to say about the band’s first encounter with a label, how they attack the songwriting process and most importantly – which NFL team should call their city home.

Kendra: First off, as Angelenos – the big topic in the news is what NFL team will call LA home. What team do you hope will be in LA when the time comes?

Ticey: Sore subject. Zack’s a Bears fan and Ajay is a Packers fan. We settle our differences with NFL Blitz, but to answer the question, anyone but the Vikings.

Kendra: Okay, now onto the music. You have a wide range when it comes to lyrical content. When you write about something like solitude versus The Legend of Zelda, do you attack the songs in the same way, or slightly different?

Ticey: I generally just mumble and hum until words happen. I like to think that while I do that, what I subconsciously need to say ends up on paper. But even in the case of Skull Kid (the Zelda song) I’d say it’s inspired by the game, but it’s really more about isolation and big city anonymity, which isn’t too far away from the rest of our subject matter.

Kendra: Were you anywhere particular when you worked on “Dear California?”

Ticey: Not really, that one was a bedroom song. At the time I was struggling figuring out how to deal with getting away from a place that has everything you need, that everyone else sees as destination.

Kendra: You had two records before you signed to a label. What was the biggest difference working with a label for your latest?

Ticey: You might think working with a label would be constricting with other people putting their hands on your product, but Normandie Records ended up presenting us with more options and a fresh look at what was available to us. It was kind liberating in a way.

Kendra: You have more of an indie rock sound, but you worked with Danny Balistocky who’s worked with the likes of Metro Station and 3 Doors Down; two groups far from. What’d he bring to the table in your case?

Ticey: One of the options Normandie presented us with was working with Danny, and he was great for us. Before him we sometimes lacked direction with our sound and song structure, and though what we’re doing next might not be down that same path, we’re happy with the work we did with him and what we learned from him was invaluable.

Kendra: You played out in Silverlake in September. Will there be more dates this fall?

Ticey: We love playing the Echo Park and Silverlake spots and are working on putting some things together there for the near future. When it’s set in stone we’ll definitely let you know.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape for a drive up the California coast, what five songs would have to be on it?

Ticey: Only 5?? Toughest question by far. We actually have been on the road before and had Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker on loop, but if we had to mix five, they’d be:

Blood” by The Middle East
Awake” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Juicebox” by The Strokes
Lucidity” by Tame Impala
Bodysnatchers” by Radiohead

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