Sea Salt: Same

Kurtis Roy came to me with Songs You Can Sing Underwater back in 2012. I was in the middle of a New Found Glory Tour. Three years later I’m trying to figure out how I can see my favorite band at least once on their upcoming fall stop in LA. While my wallet became a joke, Sea Salt was working on new music and came up with this EP, Same. Last time I heard a lot of sadness but this time around I feel like he’d be the poster boy for hipster pop.

Lyrics are key to life on Same, and you can hear some interesting tales and recollections throughout, starting with “Atom Tattoo.” It’s one of the more obscure tracks I’ve heard in awhile, hopping place to place until we got into “Pilsen.” This one sounds like the love child of old and new Hellogoodbye. It has the fun of the past with the maturity of sound that Forrest Kline has adopted over recent years. The same can and is said of “Comfy” and “Surprise Party.” Both keep that entertaining momentum going while the feel slows down as things come to an end with “Parking Van.”

It’d be odd to not go through some big changes in three years of existence and it seems like me and Sea Salt’s Kurtis Roy both have. I’ve come to realize hustling is my life and he’s grown to embrace a happier tone when it comes to constructing the music that surrounds his collections of nouns, verbs and adjectives. If you’re a fan of the latest from Hellogoodbye and More Amor, check out Sea Salt’s Same, out now.


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