GML: Taste of Nostalgia


No matter how many times you’ve heard it, there’s something special about hearing one of your favorite songs live. Sadly I’ll never hear my number one as the singer is long gone, but second in command is one I’ve been lucky enough to hear over and over again. Growing up where I did often felt suffocating. It was fine when I was younger and the mountains and deserts were more a playground than a prison, but as I grew older everything around me looked dim. 18 and college couldn’t come soon enough and The Used’s “The Taste of Ink” was played on repeat for two years and I even stole a line from for my senior yearbook. “Being half dead wasn’t what I planned to be, now I’m ready to be free,” is how I felt the day I graduated and even more so when I moved two hours west – trust, those two hours make all the difference. This place has sidewalks and more than two streetlights!

So while the heat was horrendous and the night was colder than a bitch’s heart, Taste of Chaos was worth the nine hours standing to see half of one of the bands I found solace in growing up sing a song that still makes me smile. Thinking back, that’s why that whole day was special because for me it was that song, and for everyone there – it was some song. Whether it was something by my mortal enemies Saves The Day, or even Dashboard Confessional – every band on the lineup had a fan there that sat in their room as a teen and attached themselves to one of their songs and all these years later still can’t shake how it makes them feel. Thanks Kevin Lyman, you may’ve made a mess of Warped Tour with that whole letting a pedo play, but you did good with the flashback to 2002.

So check out this week’s video picks and who knows, one of these may be a song you connect to for years.

Kid Wave “I’m Trying to Break Your Heart”

Black Fast “The Coming Swarm”

Postblue “Glow Like Crazy”

Boyslashfriend “Textures”

Kurt von Stetten “Spanish Ship”

Mortiis “Doppelganger”

Bonfire “Mom’s Garden”

Unveig Aas “Run”

SPiN “Jar of Lies”

Princess Century “Domestic”


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