Raelism: Back to the Battlefield


Aliens are something that many can debate hours, even days. There will forever be a line between skeptics and believers, and the only reason this came to mind was because of Raelism’s Back to the Battlefield. The music created not only a story, but a whole sci-fi world that had me in the beginning, middle and end of the action. So buckle up, because it’s’ going to be an out of this world ride.

The way this cinematic, musical experience starts off is rapid but slow. “Slightly Less Than Human” opens things up with a long build up, but the pace is rapid. It’s like the action is happening – it’s just happening over a long period of time. The pace of the music helps to ease the length. As we head into the second act, things get dark – it takes a turn with “My Flight (Is Nearly Over).” It comes across as an industrial club, but in this case it’s just the point in our tale when the main character has hit a major snag. It’s not the big climactic part though and things fall back into place as the fairy tale like “Escape (Between Battles)” comes in and puts listeners in a trance. No, that first snag was minimal and could be looked over because “Persistence (Splatterpuss North)” is when things go awry. This one has chaos written all over it, but the happy ending comes with the celebratory sounding ways of “They’re All Dead Now.” It’s like the good guy has prevailed.

Writing a story without words is something I could never do, mostly because I could never learn music. I’ll just leave it to people like Raelism. It’s clear storytelling without actual nouns, adjectives and whatnot are not necessary when the emotion of the music comes through like crystal. If you’re a fan of fantasy sounding music that has an electronic base, check out Raelism’s Back to the Battlefield, out now.

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